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RE: Playing Music from Dired

It almost sounds like your sound device is unable to deal with multiple
sources at once.  The c-e ; deal works fine for me now.  Just highlight a
given file and the key sequence opens up the m-player function; it prompts
for a path but I just hit enter on that and away it goes.  I do have to
silence speech right away so I don't hear speech during the music.  I do the
c-e d q after the music starts and that shuts speech up while in that

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>Sent: Saturday, August 25, 2007 11:03 PM
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>Subject: Re: Playing Music from Dired
>Hi List,
>T. V. Raman writes:
> > I suggest you investigate things before assuming things. C-e; on
> > a dired-line  plays the file under point.
>I have never been able to use the `C-e ;' or `C-e :' keychords
>I have realplay  and mplayer installed. But doing either of these
>keychords does not have the desired effect.
>I play mp3 files by opening a terminal (M-x term)
>cd-ing to the directory where I keep my music files (~/music/)
>then typing mplayer foo.mp3
>then C-e d q and then press RET.
>The mp3 files play and all the key commands of mplayer can be used.
>If I do not do `C-e d q' before pressing RET  there  is a lot of
>gurgling noises for a few seconds and then silence. The `term' buffer
>is filled with mplayer announcements about how it was compiled etc.
>I tried `C-e ;' on a dired buffer showing the mp3 files in ~/music/
>and as soon as I typed the keychord `C-e ;' there was a very loud
>rangling (cross between  rattling and ringing) noise and then the
>music started playing. The quality is much better than on the terminal
>but the rangling does not stop. Emacspeak stops responding and if I
>quit X using Alt+Ctrl+Backspace thenthe music stops and I can hear the
>mplayer announcements going on. Rebooting is the only way to stop
>What is going on?
>My system is running FC 3 with Emacs -21 and  Emacspeak-25.0 revision
>4289 4293.
>Any help will be appreciated.

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