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Re: emacspeak on cygwin?

John Wise writes ("Re: emacspeak on cygwin?"):
> and download
> flite-1.3-release.tar.gz

Personally, I find the flite 1.2 voice more pleasant to listen to then
the 1.3 version. However, I never tried to compile it under cygwin.

> I'm also having problems gettting eflite to compile
> on a second machine, so someone on the list may want to recommend something
> else.

It is apparently possible to compile espeak under Win32, for example
the nvda screen reader uses it by default. For the emacspeak speech
server for espeak, you will need to have tcl 8.3 or 8.4 installed
under cygwin. Also, if you only use English, you will not gain much
from using espeak over eflite in my opinion. It is probably easier to
try to fix the problems you have with compiling eflite.

On a more general note, it is certainly an interesting experiment
trying to get emacspeak to work under cygwin. However, I suspect your
problems will not end after the installation because this setup is not
widely used as far as I cant tell. It might be easier to run Linux and
emacspeak in a vertual machine on Windows.

Best regards, Lukas

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