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Controlling volume of audio streams independently

Hello list,

I need to be able to control the volume of mplayer and emacspeak
independently.  I have seen Chris Brannan's thread on the archive,
describing the use of softvol in the .asoundrc file, and I've copied
the essentials of this method below.  This allows the volume of
mplayer to be altered relative to the master volume setting.

This works, but has the limitation that if the maximum volume of the
file being played by mplayer is too low, then I still cannot match
it's volume level with that of emacspeak.   So I need also to be able
to control the volume of emacspeak relative to the master volume.  Any
suggestions appreciated.

Chris Brannan's method:

----- .asoundrc -----
pcm.softvol {
    type            softvol
    slave {
        pcm         "cards.pcm.default"
    control {
        name        'musicvol'
        card        0
-----END----- (modified from ALSA wiki)

Then, I have the following in ~/.mplayer/config:




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