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Re: new user and troubles with espeak

hello robert,
Ok, well hopefully someone can tell me what to do. Flite is not very good as far as speech is concerned. I use the reply all function of my client, so it should be going to the list as well.


On 06/08/2009 08:44 PM, Robert D. Crawford wrote:
I Ccd the list.  Don't feel bad, I have a habit of forgetting to keep
things on-list as well.

Alonzo Cuellar <mariachiac@aim.com> writes:

I ran it as root and got the following error. I don't have tcl8.3 so I
wonder what to do to modify it so it works with the later version of

I've never run Arch so I don't know if you can have different versions
of the tcl libraries installed but this might be somewhere to start.
Another option is to install the library from source which will
necessitate running of ldconfig (if I remember correctly) but I can
never remember off the top of my head how you need to set things up.  

Hopefully someone on the list has time to chime in and tell me that I'm
going about it all wrong.


On 06/08/2009 01:05 PM, Robert D. Crawford wrote:

                  Alonzo Cuellar <mariachiac@aim.com> writes:

                                    I change to the directory
and issue
make -f makefile.tcl83
and I get the following errors


I think this might be your problem:

                                    /usr/bin/ld: cannot open output file libtclespeak.so: Permission

         Were you building as root or as yourself?


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