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Re: new user and troubles with espeak

Alonzo wrote:
> Ok, well hopefully someone can tell me what to do. Flite is not very 
> good as far as speech is concerned. I use the reply all function of my 
> client, so it should be going to the list as well.

Hi Alonzo,
I run ArchLinux as well, but I use Eflite with Emacspeak.  It just works.
You don't have to fight with tcl.
Perhaps you will have better sound quality from eflite if you rebuild it.
Supply the following to ./configure:
./configure --with-vox=cmu_us_kal16
You should see quite an improvement.
I really aught to write an Arch PKGBUILD script for eflite.

If that change still doesn't suit you, you can get the espeak server to work.
It takes some cajoling.  Arch provides tcl 8.5 in its binary repositories,
but it does not provide a tclx package.  You need to obtain a PKGBUILD
for tclx from the AUR.  After building and installing tclx, you should
modify the makefile in servers/espeak, so that it uses tcl 8.5.  I have
a modified makefile that should work, but I haven't used it since
last fall.  If you still want it, just say so.

-- Chris

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