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Re: unicode editing

Jason is correct. You should not mix packages i.e. do not install a debian
package on a ubuntu box and vice versa. While the two distributions are
very similar, they do differ in places and the way things are layed out in
the file system. Mixing the two will sometimes work and will sometimes
introduce difficult to track down and fix errors and sometimes will just
break things. 

I doubt the existing 'stable' release of ubuntu has emacs 23 as it was (I
think) released before emacs 23 was. However, the new ubuntu version due
this month will probably have emacs 23 in it. So, if your running current
ubuntu, your best bet is add the PPA for emacs 23 and install from there or
wait a week or so for the new version and upgrade to it and install from


P.S. I've not checked unicode stuff yet. I'm in the middle of migrating
systems. Will let you know on Sunday. However, given the changes brought in
by emacs 23, I would suggest that is still the best place to start. If it
still doesn't work, we can then try to determine why not and what may need
tweaking in emacspeak. If it doesn't work in emacs 22, it is likely to be
difficult to get a fix as emacspeak is likely to be focused on emacs 23
rather than emacs 22 since emacs 23 is the current stable version of emacs
and making changes to fix a problem in emacs 22 will likely cause issues
with emacs 23. Handling of unicode in pre-emacs 23 is completely different
from emacs 22 - this is one of the major changes between the versions. As I
understand it, this aspect of emacs was almost completely refactored
between the versions. Changing emacspeak to support both the old handling
and the new is likely to introduce more problems than it fixes and as there
are limited resources, it is unlikely Raman would be agreeable to mods that
complicate the code base for the sake of an old emacs version. (this is
just my assessment, Raman may have a different view and I don't mean to 
speak for him - I may be completely wrong)


Jason White writes:
 > John Morgan <surubi@verizon.net> wrote:
 > > I'm considering going to emacs23.  Can I use apt-get to install the debian
 > > package from the unstable archives on ubuntu?
 > Possibly, but I've read elsewhere that mixing Debian and Ubuntu packages is
 > not recommended.
 > Surely there is a Ubuntu package by now.
 > Unicode handling was reworked for Emacs 23, so whatever you're experiencing
 > under an earlier version is probably not relevant.
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Tim Cross

There are two types of people in IT - those who do not manage what they 
understand and those who do not understand what they manage.

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