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Re: Emacs 23: next-line and previous-line

Putting that line in your .emacs should be fine and do what is expected. 

However, I wanted to just point out a couple of things with customize that
may make it easier for you to use. 

If you just type M-x customize, you get the top level customization buffer,
which is essentially a emacs tree widget. This format can be
difficult/confusing if your not aware of what is going on. 

However, there are a number of other techniques for using customize that
may make things a little easier. 

I tend to use M-x customize-group quite a lot. It prompts you for a
customize group, which defaults to 'emacs' if you don't specify one. This
will give you the top level customization group. However, it also supports

The customize-group function is really handy when you are using a new mode
and your not sure how it can be customized or what the customizable
variables are. 

For example, if you were running w3m for the first time and you wanted to
change some of its behavior, you could do

M-x customize-group <ret> w3m <ret> 

which will give you the customize buffer. Browsing that buffer will give
you information about all the w3m customizable options. sometimes, the
customize variables will be broken into sub-groups, which you can also
reach from this buffer. 

Another very useful command is M-x customize-variable. As the name would
imply, it will allow you to just customize a single variable. The command
prompts you for the variable name and has completion. This is how I would
have changed the setting for visual-line-mode. 

Finally, the other fairly easy way to do things is through using the
standard help system. If you do a M-x describe-variable to get the
documentation about a variable, you will find, near the end, a line that
says the variable can be customized. The word 'customized' is a
hyperlink. If you move to it and hit enter, a customize buffer for that
variable will come up and you can set it. 

Although most things can be set directly in your .emacs file usinig hooks
and setq etc, I have found there are occasions where this doesn't always
work or gives unexpected or unreliable results. In the current case, it
should be fine, but in other situations, it may not. Therefore, its
probably useful getting to know customize and finding a way you can get it
to work. 

If your not confident and worried you will muck things up, I'd recommend
making a copy of your .emacs file before experimenting with customize. That
way, if you do make a mess of things, you can just copy your original
.emacs back over and yor right to go. I suspect the fact your using flite
doesn't help as you wold be missing much of the useful font-locking that
you get with other speech servers. The font lock stuff does make it a
little easier to know what context your working in. This is useful because
many of the movement/editing keys work relative to the context. For
example, many customize options have a text area to enter some value. If
your in this text area, C-a will move you to the beginning of the text
area, not the beginning of the line. You can just go left one more
character and you will be outside the text area and hitting C-a will take
you back to the true beginning of the line. To get the hang of things, it
may help if you can get a sighted person to sit with you while you
experiment so that they can describe what the movement keys etc are doing
and perhaps describe some of the customize widgets, such as menus and radio
buttons, you sometimes come across. 



> Hi Raman and list,
> You recommend using Customize to set  line-move-visual to mil.
> I find the Customize interface difficult to use, perhaps because I use
> the somewhat primitive eflite as my DTK_PROGRAM. 
> Would it be okay to manually put in  the following  line in my
> ~/.emacs:
> (setq line-move-visual nil)
> I have a section in my .emacs specifically for emacspeak related
> settings. Putting it there seems to be harmless but then I'm not an
> expert!
> Cheers.
> Kalyan
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