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Re: the emacspeak shell script was Re: Unable to make settings permanent

Jason White <jason@jasonjgw.net> writes:

> It was added by the author of the Debian package, as I recall

I don't run Debian; I run ArchLinux.
The launcher script is generated from a template located in the
emacspeak source tree.  Have a look at etc/emacspeak.sh.def.

> I run Emacspeak from a subdirectory of $HOME, after checking it out from T.V.
> Raman's Subversion repository. Occasionally I run an svn update to keep it
> current.

This is easier on ArchLinux.  I maintain two emacspeak packages:
emacspeak and emacspeak-svn.  They're both source-only packages.
Any ArchLinux user can build a binary package from the latest svn
sources by typing makepkg in the directory containing the build script
for the emacspeak-svn package.
Once the user has a checkout, the build script runs svn update when
making subsequent binary packages.
I.E., it doesn't perform redundant checkouts.

-- Chris

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