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Re: Should we use the emacspeak speech back-end system-wide in Vinux?

Hello Tomas,

It is always good to hear from you.  I hope this is good news!  Will speech-dispatcher now work with speakup?

Happy day if so!

Dr. T.V. - dbus is the program that constantly crashes on me.  I am sure it has a difficult job talking to all the various hardware in a computer - and I'm sure they say a lot to dbus - but if dbus is always crashing - it is worse than speech-dispatcher in this regard.

I have removed pulse audio from my Ubuntu installation and I just have ALSA - and speech-dispatcher is very reliable extremely reliable.  But the new speech-dispatcher doesn't seem to work with speakup.

emacspeak speech server is still the prize fighting king.  You can kill it but it doesn't die on its own.

I'd like Ubuntu to have a command line system for Desktop that we could build on.  I often make sure that the command line programs - links2 elinks and of course emacspeak all work perfectly before adding the X server components.

GNOME by the way has done an excellent job at producing a Desktop that speaks and can do the very few things that I do not yet understand (or want) to do with emacspeak.

Dr. TV - I'm still looking for the audio icon files - if you need to host them some place, I can accommodate you - I've never heard them - but I love your programming style.  It has class.

Be well,

David J. Ring, Jr., N1EA
Chat Skype: djringjr MSN: djringjr@msn.com AIM: N1EA icq: 27380609
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On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 10:54 AM, Tomas Cerha <cerha@brailcom.org> wrote:
D.J.J. Ring, Jr. napsal(a):
> speech-dispatcher used to be a wonderful program.  Now it seems that the
> development group is only concerned with having it work with ORCA.

Hello, we hear that quite often lately, but it really is not the case.  The latest
development in desktop audio systems (read it pulse audio) forced us to make also some
changes in the process of launching and connecting to Speech Dispatcher.  We still care
about all other client applications and we are working towards making it as smooth as
possible.  The 0.7.1 version fixes some issues introduced by 0.7.  We hope to improve
that further.  Please join the Speech Dispatcher list if you are interesting in details
or if you want to contribute.

Best regards, Tomas

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