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emacspeak gnus patch

Took me a while, but here it is. 

Attached is a patch for emacspeak-gnus.el to make it work correctly with emacs
24. It should be backwards compatible with emacs 23 and 22.

What I changed -

1. Added a (require 'gnus-art) to silence some warnings regarding unknown
functions at compile time. 

2. Added a test for the new variable gnus-article-buffer and set it to
"*Article*" if it does not exist. This is probably not necessary as I've been
told this variable existed right back to emacs 21. 

3. Changed all references to the buffer "*Article*" with the variable
gnus-article-buffer. Added a declare special for this variable where necessary.

All compiles with no warnings and appears to work.


Attachment: emacspeak-gnus.el.patch
Description: Patch for emacspeak-gnus under emacs 24

Tim Cross

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understand and those who do not understand what they manage.

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