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Re: emacspeak 33.0

D.J.J. Ring, Jr. writes:
 > Thanks Tim,
 > It wasn't all of the solution. Emacspeak now complains that the "Scratch Buffer
 > has no Process" and when I try to exit, it says other things have "no process".
 > Spooky - this "no process" thing is to me!

The error you are seeing is usually an indication that the emacspeak speech
server script is failing to start the TTS engine or that there is some problem
stopping emacspeak from executing the sub-process for the TTS. 

The best way to diagnose this problem is to run the speech server script from a
shell outside of emacs. Change to the servers directory and execute ./outloud
to start the ibmtts server. If this succeeds you will here the text "ViaVoice
using Alsa" and will be left at a tcl prompt. Hit control D to exit. 

If you don't hear that text, something is wrong and there will usually be an
error message printed that will help identify the cause of the problem. 

Until this works correctly, there is no point in trying to run emacspeak with
that tts server.


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