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Re: Memory Management Issues In Emacs 23, When Emacspeak 32 and w3 running

Hi Dave,

I realize that you said you are using w3, I moved to w3m a while back
so I am unable to recreate your situation.  It may be that by using
w3m (which runs outside of emacs) my emacs session is using less
memory than you are using.  

If the 2 hour point is rather consistant then as a simple experiment,
try manually giving the command M-x garbage-collect every 15min when
working one day.  If that changes the behavior of the problem than
emacs garbage collection may be a good place to look for a solution.

If the above experiment gives positive results you might try reducing
the size of the variable gc-cons-threshold. It is what triggers
garbage collection (well, it is what triggers garbage collection when
the lisp evaluator is called).

Again, I am not having the problem you are experiencing so the above
is really guess work.  There are a number of ways to get emacs to tell
you more about what it is doing behind the seens, and if no one can
contribute a "simple fix" that may be the route to take, but I would
be curious to know if manually doing frequent garbage collection has
any effect (positive or negitive) on your problem.

Sorry I cannot give you a specific fix,

 Greg Priest-Dorman

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