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Re: multi-level undo & mode line questionns

Hi Jason,

the possible bug being referred to is about undu and not the
information referred to in the modelne.

Les reported that when he tries to use undo, it only undoes the last
edit, subsequent attempts to run undo just result in the last undo
being 'undone', effectively preventing you from being able to undo
more than the last edit.

I tried this using current emacs dev and emacspeak from svn and
observed the same behaviour. However, if I run emacs whithout
emacspeak, I can use undo to move back through the edits, which makes
me think this is an emacspeak issue. However, I asked Les to report
this as I'm running emacs-dev, which as you know, can often cause
transient issues with emacspeak and I don't have a version of the
current stable emacs installed.

It is true the number of bugs in emacspeak is small. I think I can
count all the ones I've found in the last 15 years just using my
fingers - I don't even have to take my sox off and start using toes.
However, the really good aspect of this is that Raman is usually
extremely responsive to any bug report, provided the information is
clear enough and he can reproduce the issue. There are a couple of
unfixable problems, such as the filenames read out by emacspeak when
it asks to save files at shutdown and the incorrect reporting of the
cursor position when you hit C-l (recentre-top-bottom). However, these
are usually caused by limitations due to the way emacs implements some
things and they are extremely few.


On 20 May 2012 09:58, Jason White <jason@jasonjgw.net> wrote:
> Les Smithson <lsmithso@hare.demon.co.uk> wrote:
>> How do I submit a emacspeak bug? Is it through Sourceforge? I'm
>> logged in, but I can't find a submit button on the bug page. Could
>> someone please send me a link?
> Mentioning it on the mailing list is sufficient.
>> I specificaly meant the buffer modified  status displayed as [*] on
>> the mode line. Is there a way to get C-e m to speak its status?
> If there is not, I wouldn't call it a bug, but a feature request.
> I've been using Emacspeak for a long time, and the number of actual bugs ever
> found in it by users is close to zero. This includes "development" revisions
> from svn as well as released versions. I think T.V. Raman should be nominated
> for the "writing correct code award", if there is one.
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Tim Cross

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