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Re: emacspeak-w3m - how to get started?

/w3m is definitely the way I want to go, I'm already more productive with it than in ff, just with isearch.

BTW, 'x a' prompts for a xslt file in the emacspeak site-lisp dir, so I guess I'm on the right track. Running the google hits xslt makes no difference to the output though.

Next up is to get email working in emacspeak. Can anyone recommend a imap client?



On 18/05/12 16:41, Robert D. Crawford wrote:
Seems I remember someone using lynx in a term window. I never tried it, though. If you plan to stay in emacs, w3 and/or w3m are definitely the way to go. You can send links from emacs to firefox or chrome (probably epiphany, too) if you want to go that route. If you prefer to live in a console you could use lynx, links, and several other browsers, maybe. Best regards, rdc

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