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Re: emacspeak and orgstruct-mode key bindings

Bart, this is not a revision number from bzr, so please give also the time and date and the last commit message. Or simply full output of

git log -1

Provided that my guess that you use git is correct.

W dniu 2014-04-02 00:26, Bart Bunting pisze:
Hi Jarek,

The revision I'm using is:


Kind regards


Jarek Czekalski <jarekczek@poczta.onet.pl> writes:

W dniu 2014-03-31 00:43, Bart Bunting pisze:
Hi Jarek,

I have only got the emacs from head as I need to build from source on
We need to use the same version of Emacs to be able to reliably assess
this bug. And "head" is like a river, almost never the same :)

If you use bzr, please give the revision number (bzr revno).



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