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Re: Emacspeak on non-rooted android - a few alpha testers wanted

Hi Lars,
I don't know, I'm not a brltty user.  But the terminal it runs in is the jackpal terminal  and all i/o is happening on the  Android side not Linux. My guess is that brltty will happily run in the Linux proot but the work will be connecting that to your braille device on the Android side.
How does Android see the braille device?

I am in the East Bay of California, if someone has this braille setup on Android and wants to get together we can
try to get it working.

On Mar 1, 2015 2:34 AM, "Lars Bjørndal" <lars@lamasti.net> wrote:

Greg wrote:

> Lately I have been playing with GNUroot.  This is a proot system.  It
> has some limitations, but basically it tries to do what chroot did but
> all in user space.  This means that with some limitations, you can run
> emacspeak in a debian wheezy image on a non-rooted android tablet or
> phone.

My question is soemwhat off topic, hope that's ok. I strongly miss a
ssh client for Android, that's accessible with braille, e.g. from
BRLTTY. Do you think it could be possible to run a ssh client from
that linux image you mentioned, and get braille output?

Thanks and regards,


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