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Re: emacspeak and orgstruct-mode key bindings

I believe this is an Emacs feature -- not a bug. Shell mode etc
set some kind of inhibit-point-motion hook -- you'll see the same
in minibuffer prompts.
>>>>> "Bart" == Bart Bunting <bart@bunting.net.au> writes:
    Bart> Hi, To revisit an old issue that I have so far never
    Bart> managed to solve.
    Bart> I am still having the issue that in shell-mode
    Bart> backward-word will not cross what appears to be prompt
    Bart> boundaries. That is from shell mode backward-word won't
    Bart> move back over the prompt unless I either arrow left or
    Bart> go to the beginning of the line, then it works.
    Bart> I start emacs from a script like this: #!/bin/bash open
    Bart> -F -n /Users/bart/emacs/head/Emacs.app --args
    Bart> --debug-init -Q --no-site-file -fg yellow -bg black -l
    Bart> /Users/bart/emacs/site-lisp/init-safe.el --no-splash
    Bart> I have all of the debug options I can find and the
    Bart> options to not load any additional code enabled.
    Bart> Then The init file init-safe.el contains the following:
    Bart> ;;; init.el ;; This is the first thing to get
    Bart> loaded. ;; this file is for testing
    Bart> ; Load emacspeak (setq load-path (cons
    Bart> "~/emacs/head/src/emacspeak/lisp" load-path)) (setq
    Bart> load-path (cons
    Bart> "~/emacs/head/src/emacspeak/lisp/contrib" load-path))
    Bart> (setq emacspeak-directory "~/emacs/head/src/emacspeak")
    Bart> (setq dtk-program "mac") (setq mac-default-speech-rate
    Bart> 500) (load-file
    Bart> "~/emacs/head/src/emacspeak/lisp/emacspeak-setup.el")
    Bart> And that's it.
    Bart> I've also removed all customizations and elpa packages
    Bart> and I'm still seeing the behaviour.
    Bart> I was hoping that people can take a look at what I'm
    Bart> doing and see if there is anything further they can
    Bart> think of I can try.
    Bart> Also are there any mac users out there that can confirm
    Bart> that backward-word works for them in shell mode.
    Bart> I don't believe this is emacspeak specific because the
    Bart> I'm almost certain the problem exists even if I don't
    Bart> launch emacspeak. I'm sorry I'm not 100% certain of
    Bart> this.
    Bart> Kind regards Bart Bunting <bart@bunting.net.au> writes:
    >> Thanks!
    >> Works wonderfully
    >> Much appreciated.
    >> Thanks Jarek for finding the issue and Raman for patching
    >> it!
    >> Kind regards
    >> Bart
    >> "T. V. Raman" <tv.raman.tv@gmail.com> writes:
    >>> Fixed at svn head. I've nuked the advice on
    >>> key-description, and instead created that functionality
    >>> differently -- see the code in emacspeak-advice.el
    >>>>>>>> "Jarek" == Jarek Czekalski
    >>>>>>>> <jarekczek@poczta.onet.pl> writes:
    Jarek> Hi Bart Probably you could workaround that by issuing:
    Jarek> (ad-deactivate 'key-description)
    Jarek> I guess org.el uses this function's output to produce
    Jarek> its keymap and that causes the conflict with
    Jarek> emacspeak:
    Jarek> (setq key (read-kbd-macro (let ((case-fold-search))
    Jarek> (replace-regexp-in-string (car rep) (cdr rep)
    Jarek> (key-description key))))))
    Jarek> Jarek
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    >> Bart
    >> -- 
    >> Bart Bunting
    Bart> Bart --
    Bart> Bart Bunting

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