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Re: Changing Emacspeak Defaults - a short answer

>>>>> "Dave" == Dave Hunt <dave@dahunt.tiac.net> writes:

Dave> If I were to put customizations in my ".emacs", might they be
Dave> superceeded by some "config" chunk in Emacspeak itself?  

the .emacs is read after emacspeak so in general, the settings in
.emacs will be the ones you get.

Dave> A related question:

Dave> When reading through Lisp code for things like 'w3', i've
Dave> noticed three ways variables are initialized, "setq", "defvar",
Dave> and "let".  In short, what are the symantic differences between
Dave> these?

You should get the info pages for elisp.  I beleive they are available
from /ftp@prep.ai.mit.edu:/pub/gnu  

These info pages will give you loads of information about using and
writing elisp - all from within emacspeak!


 Greg Priest-Dorman
 priestdo@cs.vassar.edu      NO SOLICITING

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