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Emacspeak eterm and speech questions

A friend and I installed the Linux operating system onto my laptop
computer yesterday, via NFS from a SUN workstation. It was the Red Hat 5.1
distribution. We installed Emacspeak from Jim Van Zandt's pre-compiled rpm
package and also downloaded the source code from T.V. Raman's web site;
the latter currently resides in a temporary directory. The speech
synthesizer is a DECTALK Express; I think the firmware version is 4.2C.
Here are the problems encountered so far:

1. When using eterm in "terminal line mode", if the "enter" key is
pressed, the synthesizer spells out the commands which has just been
entered at a slow speech rate, letter by letter. This is in addition to
the echoing of keys which have been typed. This phenomenon is particularly
evident when typing rapidly.

2. The speech synthesizer announces the digit "0" when at the command
prompt; I am not sure whether this is normal.

3. In one instance, extraneous numbers were read out immediately after
speech had been interrupted.

4. Sometimes there is an error message issued immediately after the M-X,
TERM command has been issued, but the speech is immediately interrupted by
the prompt that asks for the name of the executable file to be executed
(/bin/bash), and thus the complete error message is not announced.

I am listing all of the potentially relevant phenomena here in the hope
that it will be possible to deduce to what extent Emacspeak is acting
normally, and if not, where the problems might be.

I hope that it will be possible to make Emacspeak work well on my system
as I plan to use it extensively. I am conscious of being very much a
beginner in this area.



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