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Important: Blinux survey.

Hi Emacspeak people,

the German computing journal C't (Computing Technics) will publish a
report which deals with support for the user who is blind using Linux. 

C't got some fame for their articles which exposed fake Pentium CPU 
chips. They also reported about the useless memory enhancers under
Windows. Stuff which shines up in C't is valued for its technical 

Mr. Fremerey is the journalist who writes the report in C't. 
He needs information concerning support for Linux users who are 
blind to back up his report. Mr. Fremerey is an active supporter 
of Linux and has a long track record.

This report could trigger further support for Blinux coming from 
a Linux distributor (sorry no names yet :).  

To get more insight into your evaluation of operating systems he needs
your help. Please fill out the attached questionnaire and send it back to
me.My email address is: 


Don't rely on your co-subscribers to fill out the questionnaire.
Please help by providing these important data. Every questionnaire 
sent back is important and will help to evaluate the future steps possible. 

As louder we speak as better we will be heard. This could be an important
step towards a Blinux distribution on CD-ROM or even more!     

If you want, I can remove any personal trace from your answer before
sending the questionnaire back to Mr. Fremerey. So your answers would be
totally anonymous. So if you resend me the questionnaire, please let me know
if you prefer to stay anonymous. 


[begin questionnaire]
The     Blinux     Project


Dear participants of the Blinux and other related lists,

as Blinux is now well into its third year of existence, it seems to be a
good time to evaluate its impact. The result of this evaluation will be
posted to the lists and will also be published in c't-magazine, Germany.

Hans Zoebelein and I decided to evaluate using a form to be filled in by
you: we want to keep the time we ask you to contribute to this effort as
short as possible. 

Please fill in the form and send it back to Hans as soon as you receive

We then hope to deliver a significant piece of information back to you
by the end of the month. Entries will be accepted until 15 November.

Thank you very much for your contribution.

***Privacy [data protection] note:

all information provided by you will be treated with due care and used
for the specified purpose only.

Hans Zoebelein and Frank Fremerey
Muenchen / Bonn 8. November 1998

-------------- cut here ----------------------------

Blinux Questionnaire

0. The intention of this questionnaire is to evaluate whether Blinux
is useful for blind/vi computer users, so please start with a short
characterization of your viewing ability (please add asterisk (*) at the
appropriate position):

==> I am blind
==> I am visually impaired
==> other, please specify:

1.      Age (give number)


2.      Primary Language used in computing 
(please add asterisk (*) at the appropriate position)

==> English
==> Spanish
==> French
==> German
==> Portugese
==> Italian
==> other, please specify:

3.      Computing experience - skill-level)

3.1 years of experience with DOS 
(please give number)


3.2 years of experience with Windows 
(please give number)


3.3 years of experience with Linux 
(please give number)


3.4 years of experience with the internet 
(please give number)


3.5     I consider myself 
(please add asterisk (*) at the appropriate position)

==> Computer expert

(I install operating systems and I am generally able to solve any major
hardware or software problem myself and/or I am a programmer)

==> Experienced amateur

(I can install application programs, customize them and solve most of
the every day problems that appear while using a computer)

==> Experienced User

(Generally I have control over the computer and feel comfortable solving
minor problems where they appear)

==> General User

(I feel comfortable using my application programs and I am as
interested in the details of the machine as I am interested in the
interior of my television. Machines should do what they promise. Leave
the rest to experts)

4.      Computer-usage (where?)

I use computers

==> at home
==> at work
==> I work at home
==> both (home and work)
==> other, please specify:

5.      Computing Experience - programs/solutions

I have used the following Blinux Solutions up to date:


I am using the following Blinux Solutions at the moment:


I have used the following DOS Solutions up to date:


I am using the following DOS Solutions at the moment:


I have used the following Windows Solutions up to date:


I am using the following Windows Solutions at the moment:


6.      Computer usage (rating)

Of the solutions you know, which do you feel is the best for the
following purposes?

(please specify according to the following Example: *Purpose*
Word processing - *product/platform* Word Perfect/DOS)

*purpose*                       *product/platform*

Word processing         





Programming environment 

other, please specify:

3.9 	Blinux (rating)

In your opinion, which are  the main advantages / disadvantages of
Blinux solutions, compared to other solutions you know (please give
rating in points using 9 points = very good; 0 points = pretty poor)

==> Ease of use - Points:
==> Comfort - Points:
==> Compatibility (Hardware) - Points:
==> Compatibility (Software) - Points:
==> Stability - Points: 
==> Price - Points:
==> other, please specify and rate:

4. 	Comments / Wishlist:

Please tell us how Blinux has changed your computing experience and what
is missing, which Blinux-solutions need to be developed:


Thank you very much for you contribution!

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