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Re: Dosemu and Emacspeak

I've tried to run `smitty' under Emacs in a `term' buffer, and I keep getting
the following message.

[chaltain@chaltain] ~/Mail > smitty
1800-005 SMIT requires a minimum of 24 line by 80 column output display.
	Check terminal or window size and try again.

I gried the `hscroll-mode' suggestion, but this didn't help.  Is there
anything else I can try?

I'm running Emacs 20.1 on an AIX 4.3.1 system.  Thanks!

>>>>> "GEP" == Greg E Priest-Dorman <priestdo@cs.vassar.edu> writes:

>>>>> "Raman" == T V Raman <raman@Adobe.COM> writes:
Raman> The only problem you run into is with dos-apps that assume
Raman> (and are hard-coded to) a screen of 24X80.

GEP> A few quick thoughts that might address this (I don't use dosemu so I
GEP> don't know if this will work or not)

GEP> Use hscroll to get the 80 col.

GEP> Of course all of this other than the "hscroll-mode" is realy linux not
GEP> emacspeak so it should move off this list...  (but do let me know if
GEP> any of the above helps the problem so we know for the next time
GEP> someone asks)

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