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Re: Process speaker not running

!>From bargi@dots.PHYSICS.ORST.EDU Fri Nov 20 15:38 EST 1998
!>Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1998 12:39:04 -0800
!>From: Hadi Bargi Rangin <bargi@dots.PHYSICS.ORST.EDU>
!>To: bruce@math.ufl.edu
!>Subject: [raman@Adobe.COM: Emacspeak 9.0: Solaris Users *IMPORTANT*]

!>...you should follow Raman's note regarding using emacspeak 9.0 under Solaris

!>Hope it helps.

Thanks. This helped a lot! I got it working. Now the only other problem is that 
it pronouces three spaces before each character. Is there any way to turn that 

Thanks again

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