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Re: Process speaker not running

> After compiling and installing emacspeak-9.0 on a Sun running Solaris 2.5 I am 
> getting the following error message when I invoke emacspeak "Process speaker not 
> running". This displays in the emacs window after loading emacspeak components. 
> Has anyone encountered this problem? Any suggestions?

two things:

1: make sure you have write permissions to the port where your dectalk

2: there is a bug in the emacspeak 9.0 distribution which causes the
DTK_PORT and DTK_OS environment variables to be ignored. raman posted
a patch which you should be able to find ont the archives to this
list. (Although this bug causes emacspeak to be unuseable if you are
not using /dev/ttyS0 for your dectalk, raman has stated that
he will not make another distribution to fix this problem.)


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