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still these auditory icons ..

Hi all

Jason White <jasonw@ariel.ucs.unimelb.EDU.AU>:
> To make auditory icons work, ensure that the play script from the
> Emacspeak distribution is in the top-level Emacspeak directory (E.G.
> /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/).

I now have play in /usr/bin (where it was installed) as well as in
/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/ .. both instances work fine 
from the shell -- also from a shell within an emacs buffer -- but 
M-x emacspeak-play-all-icons didn't play the icons the first time I 
tried it, and hung speech entirely the second time. C-e C-s didn't 
help either.

I'm using Emacs 20.2, Emacspeak 9.0, Mbrola 3.00a and Mbrola_server 
1.3 on an i486 at 80Mhz and with 16Mb. 

--jean                                       . .. ..... ///\oo/\\\

Here are some notes I took while browsing the archive. Note that I 
don't expect handholding as regards these notes and questions, I'm 
just mentioning them in case the archive-organizers are interested in 
the feedback.

-   What is the relation between the files INDEX and
    softpointer.txt? They seem to duplicate each other. 

-   According to softpointer.txt (mentioned seperately):
    emacspeak/blinux/emacspeak-6.0-2.i386.rpm "Emacspeak version
    97++" (= 6, including dismal?);

-   According to INDEX (mentioned seperately):
    emacspeak/cornell.mirror/emacspeak-7.0.tgz ("aka 98");

-   What is the relation between emacspeak-dt-0.27.tar.gz and
    emacspeak-dtlk-1.21.tar.gz ? The fact that the second comes as a
    kernel module?

-   emacspeak/blinux/mbrola_server/mbrola_server_1.1.tar.gz ; from
    the net: mbrola_server/mbrola_server_1.3.tgz 

-   The files 0README.blinux, mbrola-3.00a.README and README.mbrola
    are all versions of the same document. Any important differences?

-   ditto for mbrola/blinux/tar.gz/README.files and

-   ditto for mbrola/blinux/RPMS/README.RPMS and

-   to what extent is /blinux duplicated by /tcts.mirror? I ask this
    as a confused newby, not as a criticism.

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