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Re: installation

Kathleen -

Emacspeak 9.0 actually does not pay attention to DTK_PORT.  (This is a
bug.)  However, the default under Linux is /dev/ttyS0, which is COM1
under DOS.  Are you really sure that's where the synthesizer is

Running the following script should make the synthesizer say the port
it is connected to.

			- Jim Van Zandt

# try to send a string to the synthesizer via four different serial ports
for x in 0 1 2 3; do
    echo "trying $PORT"
    stty sane 9600 raw -echo crtscts <$PORT &&\
    stty -echo                       <$PORT &&\
    stty ixon ixoff                  <$PORT &&\
    echo "this is /dev/t t y s $x" $'\r' >$PORT )&
# if one of the above commands hangs, kill the process
    sleep 2; kill $! >/dev/null 2>&1

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