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Re: Mbrola-server for Emacspeak available as RPM package.

A simpler solution to Greg's scenario would be to have a non-speech audio
cue that occurs when the appointment reminder is due. The text of the
reminder can then be read later. In fact, there is already such a feature
in Emacspeak I think. Regrettably I am using the wrong computer at the
moment; otherwise I would read the on-line help and give you the details.
Alternatively, perhaps, if you are reading a document continuously, the
reminder could issue a pause command, give you a notification, and then
resume the reading of the document.

All of these strategies avoid the need for multiple speech devices and the
consequent need to synchronise them and direct output to one or the other.

If you still want the latter capability, I would suggest finding scenarios
in which it would be useful, and other methods such as those outlined
above would be inappropriate.

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