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Re: log of a learning curve 02/14/99

Hi all,

<smile>  Raman, just a couple of things.  First,I have just learned by what
you responded, that I need to slow down the rate a bit.  I heard C-e as C1.
 Of course I was getting it rong.

Next comment, you say I have to learn it.  Yea, and I will.  However, aids
to learning are important.  For example, "regesp", means nothing to me at
all.  I intuitively knew I was supposed to type a pattern to search for,
but if it had said, search patern, or search for, or even just search, it
would have clued me in.  "Regesp" may mean something to you, but the
intuitive process to get there is a bit essoteric. (sp)

As for the telnet sessions, no I was using a shell.  It worked well, how
should I be accessing this?  I went to the shell, typed the telnet address
I needed and voila~  I didn't have any trouble at all, except when I tried
to use the standard MOO client I'm used to, and the tab key didn't work as

More annon,
Ann P.


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