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Re: log of a learning curve 02/14/99

>>>>> "Ann" == Ann K Parsons <akp@eznet.net> writes:

    Ann> Hi all, <smile> Raman, just a couple of things.
    Ann> First,I have just learned by what you responded,
    Ann> that I need to slow down the rate a bit.  I heard
    Ann> C-e as C1.  Of course I was getting it rong.
All Emacspeak keybindings are on C-e
    Ann> Next comment, you say I have to learn it.  Yea, and
    Ann> I will.  However, aids to learning are important.
No one said aids to learning were unimportant.
However, if someone throws up their hands everytime there is
     something new to learn,
no one will make any progress.

    Ann> For example, "regesp", means nothing to me at all.
regexp == regular expression.
You're entering a new culture--learn the language rather
than complain about it.

Also, C-h a is not something I would recommend to a newbee
-it's designed to look up things you know about but have

So for a newbee what C-h a returns is likely to be more
confusing than helpful.

Use the info  pages, and use C-h f to get help on specific
Use C-h k to hear detailed documentation on what a key does 
and C-h c for a brief message.
    Ann> I intuitively knew I was supposed to type a pattern
    Ann> to search for, but if it had said, search patern,
    Ann> or search for, or even just search, it would have
    Ann> clued me in.  "Regesp" may mean something to you,

Again, you're displaying the typical attitude of an  American 
tourist visiting France  and asking "why can't these people
talk plain English"
    Ann> but the intuitive process to get there is a bit
    Ann> essoteric. (sp)
What intuitive process?

Overall, you'll probably get comfortable in the new
environment faster  with a minor attitude adjustment--:-)

And no, the reason why the tab key didn't do what you expect
in your VR application
is that you're running inside a shell buffer which is really
only designed for 
doing shell level tasks --and not for running full-screen
apps like pine and friends.
For the latter you will need to use term --at which points
Emacspeak degrades to being a dos-like braindead

    Ann> As for the telnet sessions, no I was using a shell.
    Ann> It worked well, how should I be accessing this?  I
    Ann> went to the shell, typed the telnet address I
See Matt's note to the list.
    Ann> needed and voila~ I didn't have any trouble at all,
    Ann> except when I tried to use the standard MOO client
    Ann> I'm used to, and the tab key didn't work as
    Ann> expected.

    Ann> More annon, Ann P.

    Ann> '

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