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vm mailer questions

Hi all,

Before I start asking questions, yes, I read the manual.    I read it,
and I understood it, or most of it.  Now I need some clarification.

First, does VM have an address book feature?  I looked through all the
topics in the Info file and couldn't find it.  Is it listed under a
different name, or am I just not seeing it, or, maybe VM doesn't
*have* an address book feature?

Second, how do I attach files to my messages?

Third, how do I import a file into an msg.  I do this often, creating
a message out of a mailer for easy editing and then inserting the text
into an msg.  I didn't see anything about that either.

Fourth, I attampted to forward an msg this morning.  The problem was
that I couldn't see the text I was forwarding.  I own a couple of list
discussion groups, and in order to add members, I need to forward the
request back to listserv, making appropriate changes to the text.  I
typed 'z' and got the header OK, but I couldn't see my text.  I
suppose that the answer is in the docs and I should go look, but,
well, tell you what, I'll look up forwarding cuz I know where that
is.  I read it yesterday, but the remaining answers to the  questions
I didn't find at all.

Thanks as always.

Ann P.

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