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Re: vm mailer questions

> First, does VM have an address book feature?  I looked through all the
> topics in the Info file and couldn't find it.  Is it listed under a
> different name, or am I just not seeing it, or, maybe VM doesn't
> *have* an address book feature?

this is often done through a file called ~/.mailrc

see the emacs info manual (i think in the sections about rmail) for

> Second, how do I attach files to my messages?

look for the word "mime".

> Third, how do I import a file into an msg.  I do this often, creating
> a message out of a mailer for easy editing and then inserting the text
> into an msg.  I didn't see anything about that either.

This is not special functionality. you just insert-file (C-x i).> 

(sorry for so few answers, just dont use vm, yet.)


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