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Re: vm mailer questions


Thanks for the detailed answers.

Here are a few additions.
1) BBDB is what I use for my address book --have used it for
over six years now.

2) In addition to inserting files you can use copy to
   register and insert register to advantage when pasting

3) To  create attachments when sending out mail using VM use
   C-c C-a
--note that newer portions of vm such as its mime features
   are not documented in the info pages which is woefully
   out of date.
Online help for vm-mime-attach-file is shown below--
in general use describe-mode to discover what keys and
   features are available in a given mode (C-h m) in
   addition to the info pages.
Another useful work trick to know is to use C-h f
type in the prefix of a function name e.g. vm-mime --and hit
   tab to hear the available possibilities. Since the
   command names are descriptive, you can usually tell which
   one you want and go find out about it.

4) The 'f' command that Bob describes in vm is "follow-up"
   --not forward --and the behavior is as he describes.
'z' runs command vm--forward-message --this forwards the
   message as a message/rfc822 attachment and should be used
   when you do not intend to edit the forwarded message in
   any way -- and yes, that is why the text does not show up
   in the buffer (instead you see a "message/rfc822" button.

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