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Re: Emacspeak phrase breaks

The choice is definitely up to them, and I am not going to
waste my breath or keystrokes 
arguing about this. At the same time, I definitely dont plan
to waste my time debugging someone else's closed software
--however I am definitely not planning to go on a religious
crusade to discourage others from doing so.

Incidentally, festival can use the voice from mbrola --and
the mbrola voice is the only thing good about the mbrola system.
>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Cross <tcross@tim.northnet.com.au> writes:

    Tim> I agree with Jason and Raman - I think opne source
    Tim> is the go as it gives us all the chance to
    Tim> contribute or fix problems and there is a higher
    Tim> chance that if someone decides to do a linux
    Tim> distribution with emacspeak as one of the packages
    Tim> they will be able to include festival etc. However,
    Tim> although it would be good if the mbrolla team made
    Tim> sources available, I think that choice is up to
    Tim> them.

    Tim> T.X.

    Tim> Jason White writes:
    >> I agree with Raman here: it would be preferable to
    >> devote effort to an open solution, instead of relying
    >> on the Mbrola authors to make changes to a programme
    >> for which they are unwilling to make available the
    >> source code. If they want to be helpful, the Mbrola
    >> authors should make the source code available for
    >> non-commercial purposes.
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