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Random inserts


With the aid of several other people I've been trying to install and get
emacspeak working on a friends computer.  One of the main difficulties is
that we've done all the work via telnet and other means, as we're 3,000
miles apart or so... makes testing things hard.  :(

We've finally gotten it installed and booting up automagically when she
logs in her user, however, it's currently pretty much unusable as it
inserts 'period' and 'space' between every character.  We're not sure of
the firmware version because it doesn't type out on the screen so someone
could read it via telnet and using the command to get emacspeak to say it
produces nothing but a squeal, all attempts to find another version have
only resulted in emacspeak not working at all.  On occasion, seeminly at
random, it begins working properly only to break again within a few

The machine is a P333 running the most recent release of emacs, emacspeak
10.0 with an external DECtalk (I'm afraid I don't always have regualr
contact with the person who owns the machine to get exacts, and she
doesn't always know)...  Anyway, any help that anyone can give me on how
to get rid of the 'period' problem, or any ideas about what may be causing
the 'space' problem other than firmware, I'd GREATLY appreciate it.

Jen Goldberg

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