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Re: TERM from within Emacs an

Jason White writes:
-- snip --
 > you should try to avoid running terminal-oriented applications
 > under Emacspeak where possible, as there are usually Emacs packages
 > available that offer equivalent functionality and which are
 > properly supported by Emacspeak to provide high-quality auditory
 > interaction.

While I agree to some extent with the above statement, there are times
that this is pretty much unavoidable.

I have been an emacspeak user for 5 years now, and have little need
for the terminal emulator.  On the same hand every now and then I come
across a program i'd like to run in term mode.  I still feel that i
don't correctly understand all of the functionallity of emacspeak's
speech enabling for term mode and find it to be rather clunky to use.
This is probably due to my lack of understanding of all it's
functionality rather than the mode itself.

The application that most readly springs to mind is debians dselect.
I'd love to hear from anyone who has had success using dselect in a
term buffer.  I now tend to use apt-get instad, but at times it'd be
nice to be able to use dselect.

Are there any specific customisations that one should make to term
mode to make it function better with speech?


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