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Stopping on a word while speaking continously

I've never used the REAL emacspeak only my NT port so please forgive my 

Suppose I have emacspeak reading to me, possibly a long passage and I don't 
understand a word as it goes by. I can quickly press a key and get it to 
stop, but emacs (at least in my implementation) doesn't know what was being 
spoken at that moment. So, I think have to back emacs up and go word by 
word to find where I was.

Does the system as implemented on Unix support feedback from the synthesize 
to Emacs on what is being spoken? I think I could add this to the NT 
implementation using one of their callback functions that gives the offset 
into the buffer. *IF* this worked it seems to me that it could be quite 
useful. Making it work reliably might be more trouble than it is worth...


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