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Need Help for Linux/EmacSpeak Install At Install Fest in Bethesda, Md

>>>>> "srajiv" == srajiv  <srajiv@erols.com> writes:

    srajiv> Hi, I am a lay computer user who has signed up
    srajiv> for Saturday's Linux Install Fest in Bethesda,
    srajiv> Maryland. I am planning to install EmacSpeak
    srajiv> 11.0 with Linux. I will also be needing a
    srajiv> software synthesizer, ViaVoice Outloud from IBM
The emacspeak install itself should not be a problem.

When installing Linux and selecting what packages to install
make sure you pick all emacs related packages 
--including the emacs lisp libraries  --redhat tries to tell
you they are optional--

2) As for ViaVoice 
(likewise for the rest of this)
I suggest you pull down the emacspeak distribution before
the install fest and look through it --
there is a file called Notes in the linux-outloud directory
that tells you what else you need and where you can get them
--including the Viavoice rpms.

Finally, sound card support on laptops under Linux an be
iffy  to avoid embarassing yourself make sure that your
laptops sound card is supported *before* the install fest.

    srajiv> (I don't know whether I should obtain this
    srajiv> product before I arrive). I wanted to give
    srajiv> anyone who can help a heads up in advance so
    srajiv> that I can be well prepared for the process on
    srajiv> Saturday. Also, I would like to inform you that
    srajiv> I will be bringing my Toshiba 335 Satellite
    srajiv> laptop which is currently running Windows 98.

    srajiv> I would appreciate your prompt reply on how best
    srajiv> to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

    srajiv> Regards,

    srajiv> Rajiv Shah

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Best Regards,

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