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Distribution additions

emacspeak is available as an rpm and is under the GPL.
Jim Van Zandt's additional speech servers are available
under the same terms. 
The ViaVoice RDK and SDK are not under the GPL --

It might also be useful for them to build rpms for standard
emacs add-ons like the vm mail reader 
--a good place for them to look for a list of packages would
be the xemacs distribution --what is called the sumo tarball
>>>>> "Ron" == Ron Marriage <marriage@seidata.com> writes:

    Ron> I use the Mandrake distribution as I like the
    Ron> console tools and my wife and son like the GUI,
    Ron> sort of a dist of all.

    Ron> Recently Mandrake has asked for input into
    Ron> applications and utilities that users would like to
    Ron> see included in their next distribution.

    Ron> I suggested Emackspeak, Brltty, and drivers for
    Ron> other synths.  I received an email from
    Ron> Mandrakesoft saying they liked the idea and only
    Ron> needed more input as to exactly what they should
    Ron> include and and where and who to contact and if GPL
    Ron> license.

    Ron> They asked for a list of prefered files that should
    Ron> be included.  The explained we were the experts and
    Ron> while they knew little about the adaptive software,
    Ron> they felt it was something worth doing.

    Ron> Can you all help.  While emacspeak is familiar to
    Ron> me, I don't know all the applications or files that
    Ron> others would feel should be included.

    Ron> Thanks Ron -- ==== Ron Marriage E-Mail
    Ron> mailto:marriage@seidata.com Homepage
    Ron> http://www.seidata.com/~marriage/ Linux User Group
    Ron> http://www.seidata.com/~seilug/

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Best Regards,

Email:  raman@cs.cornell.edu
WWW:    http://cs.cornell.edu/home/raman/             
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