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Emacspeak and VMWare

As much as I wish I could live a windows-free life, it won't be
possible for much longer. So, to avoid having to multiboot, I've
grabbed VMWare and am preparing to try running JAWS from within a
win98 session.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to launch VMWare in one window and use
Emacspeak simultaneously, switching to and from VMWare without
restarting it. However, VMWare is extremely picky about the serial
port. I can run multiple Emacspeak sessions simultaneously, and I
naively assumed that VMWare would act the same, sharing the port nicely. But
it doesn't, it spits lots of gibberish down the port and, if any
Emacspeak sessions are running, I usually have to reboot my box to
clear the serial buffer; repowering the dectalk or restarting
Emacspeak has no effect. I've also tried turning off the speech
synthesizer from within Emacspeak and even killing the speech server,
but the former doesn't solve the problem and the latter results in the
speech server restarting.

So, is it somehow possible to temporarily disable the speech server's
access to the serial port? I don't mind having to reset/restart the
speech server later. Also, is there some way to quickly flush the data
which is being buffered for the serial port, in order to avoid having
to reboot?


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