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Re: Unidentified subject!

As a new person to Linux I share many of the frustrations expressed on both
sides of the fence.  Anns comments last week were right on the money.
However, so were Greg's.

People shouldn't be ridiculed if they can't, won't or simply choose not to
take the time to read through documentation.  However, let's be fair, the
emacspeak documentation ... maybe could use a brush up.

I'm willing and anxious to get my system p and running.  I've spent a year
now with the Redhat CD and although part of my problem included moving
across country ... the level of Linux know how you need to simply get the
system up is pretty intense.

As with most volunteer projects, 20% of the people do 80% of the work.  So,
to the other 80% of the "experts" who either ignore or thumb their noses at
newbies, remember you weren't born with the skills you have now.  To
newbies, myself included, read through prior posts, when someone refers you
to a page check it out and spend some time trying to understand what they're
saying.  Because Linux isn't intended for the casual computer user, no
investment of effort up front will result in escalating frustration down the

I'll stop rambling now.

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> Hi all,
> Greg, great post, and I do agree with most of what you say.
> Then, as you suggest, the best way to stop burn-out, like in any
> volunteer organization, is to have more people do the work.  So, I'm
> going to stand behind Greg and urge all of you to contribute by
> helping as much as you can.  That way when a really technical question
> comes up, and we need our experts to be fresh and willing to help,
> they will be.
> I'll take on the chore of answering the really newbie, newbie things
> like, "Where do I get Emacspeak?" , "What synthes work with
> Emacspeak?", and I'm willing to help anyone once they've got things
> running with learning the program and its commands.  I'm not good at
> configuring things and stuff like that, but I'm offering my bit.
> C'mon, folks, let's do this together.
> Ann P.
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