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Re: Beginner's guides

>>>>> "L" == Lui Greco <lui@nb.sympatico.ca> writes:

    L> However, let's be fair, the emacspeak documentation ... maybe
    L> could use a brush up.

So let's do something about it!  I have already reserved space on
SourceForge for the user guide, but I am willing to expand this
chapter by chapter into a full guide from installation to customizing.

    L>  ... the level of Linux know how you need to simply get the
    L> system up is pretty intense.

If you (and everyone else) can keep notes of what you needed to do,
that is 80% of the way to producing a new installation guide.  If
we can compile these tips, we can get this going fairly quickly.

One possibility is to use the SourceForge website to run a FAQ-o-Matic
where people can ask questions and others can insert the answers
eventually leading to a large (though largely disorganized) searchable

    L> ...  To newbies, myself included, read through prior posts,
    L> when someone refers you to a page check it out and spend some
    L> time trying to understand what they're saying.  

and when you do understand, try to rephrase it into words which other
newbies might understand and let's get it into the guide book!

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