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FAQ was Beginner's guides

I am glad this conversation has shifted to "lets do something
constructive".  There is a welth of basic information in the emacspeak
mailing list archive.  Perhaps someone would like to go through it and
cull out some FAQ worthy posts? 

In the FAQ writen by T. V. Raman and distributed with emacspeak, he
outlines how to contribute both new questions to the FAQ and how to
update or add to existing sections and questions.  There is no need to
go off and do something elseware.  Your FAQ postings can be
incorporated with the distribution.  Here is what he says (quoted from
the emacspeak 12 FAQ):   

   * How to contribute to this FAQ:
   ** Contributing new questions with answers:

   New questions with answers should be mailed to the emacspeak
   mailing  list with the subject line

   FAQ: <question>

   where <Question> is a brief one line description of the
   question.  The body of the message should contain <Question>
   as an outline header, followed by a blank line, followed by
   a brief and succinct answer.

   If you wish to place the question in a specific section of
   the FAQ, indicate this 
   before the  "* <Question>" line in the body of your message.

   ** Contributing updates to an existing question:

   Use the same format as above, but say "FAQ:Update" in the
   subject line. The "* <Question>" line should match the
   section you are contributing an update to.

In my tenure as list master of the emacspeak mailing list I don't
think anyone has ever sent a message with the subject "FAQ:" anything,
myself included. (My appologies if I missed something, please let me
know if I am wrong.)

Perhpaps its time we used this "built in" mechanism to help make
emacspeak easier to use?  I will try and contibute a few of the
standard questions I get.  All you folks that are helping people off
line, please do the same.  Let's see where it goes.


 Greg Priest-Dorman

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