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LD joins bandwagon 2: Emacspeak, Open Source Software, Free Software And Blind Users

I disgree with the stance and attitude taken by TV Raman, regarding
neccesary documentation.

He is evidently a capable programmer, which i am not.
The emacspeak documentation is not as helpful as it might be, however i am
not yet in a position to improve it.
I have successfully installed emacspeak, it was a lot of trouble, and I
don't know quite how i did it, hence little documentation to forward.

My central point is that my (~50 clients who have learning difficulties,
will never have access to resources even to independently purchase a bus
ticket, never mind a computer and software.
They currently do have access to one 486 notebook, (no sound) and 2 486
(desktops cannot install linux, weird error messages). These were
remaindered from the administration over the last couple of years.

Budget for software = 0.00

emacs is said to be a pig, and not by me, I can currently with help, hack
gnotepad, a little to suit my clients.
if vv was linked to it, I'd be a happy bunny.
If it is already, I don't apologise, its like swimming in mud trying to
install and learn emacs to install vv to install emacspeak.
comeon guys, were not all locked to the keyboard day and night.

jonathan chetwynd

IT teacher (learning difficulty)
& accessibility consultant

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