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installing studiosynth in /usr/bin/stdiosynth

All this talk about audio icons led me to try and get them working
under outloud.  Before I used outloud I had had a rigs that had no
sound blaster cards and in stead had dedicated tts devices like
dectalks or doubletalks an as such, never had audio icons.

Last night I decided to see if I could get it going.  I gotten
stdiosynth when I got the soundcard but never built it.  Unfortunately
the only test it came with involved running X.  I was also disapointed
that it had no "make install" to put stdiosynth where in needed to go
so that emacspeak could find it - what to do?  I seached the emacspeak
directory for "stdiosynth" usning grep-find:

cd ~/emacs-aux/emacspeak-12.0/
find . -type f -exec grep -n stdiosynth {} /dev/null \;
./etc/NEWS-11.0:46:Note You need to obtain and install package stdiosynth from
./servers/tts-lib.tcl:213:    if {![file executable /usr/bin/stdiosynth]} return
./servers/tts-lib.tcl:214:    catch {set tts(notes) [open "|stdiosynth " w]} err
./servers/linux-outloud/NOTES:13:icons.  You need to obtain and install package stdiosynth

grep finished (matches found) at Sun Oct  8 09:12:37

There I not only discovered that instead of searching the emacspeak
list I could have looked at "NEWS", ok, well then I noticed that emacspeak
was looking in /usr/bin for stdiosynth:

    if {![file executable /usr/bin/stdiosynth]} return

so (as root) I put it there:

mv stdiosynth /usr/bin

and all workded fine!

I am now beeping, ringing and clicking!

There could have been other problems like permisions and such, but in
this case there wre not.

Just thought I would share a "success story"

 Greg Priest-Dorman

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