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auditory icons: dsp/midi

>>>>> "Random" == Random Factor <random@unbounded.com> writes:

Random> I'm still trying to get the auditory icons going out onto dsp1, and I have a few questions.

Random> 1.  If your using the dtk or somthing like that as a synthesiser, does emacspeak output auditory icons to midi, dsp, or both?

(Raman answered this one in his post)

Random> 2. How did the pre via-voice / stdiosynth versions of emacspeak handle auditory
Random> icons?

It sent them to dsp

Random> 3.  Am I going to have to learn elisp *sigh* or should I just be able to kludge
Random> it together by comparing different speech servers/versions of emacspeak?

Kludge.  As Raman has said often, have a look at the code.  But where
to begin?

Use M-x grep and /or M-x find-grep and to make sure you keep track of
any changes you make so you can undo them if they don't do what you

Here is what I did to find where emacspeak decides to send output to /dev/dsp:

I went to the directory where I built emacspeak, although you could
probably do this where you installed emacspeak as well.

Then I dis a little searching for "dsp"

I did M-x find-grep and when the command asked me for the search
string told it "dsp".  This ment putting "dsp " after the "grep -n"
in the offerd find command.

Emacs obliged by searcing the emacspeak directory and all
subdirectories for any file contianing the string dsp:

cd ~/emacs-aux/emacspeak-12.0/
find . -type f -exec grep -n dsp {} /dev/null \;
./etc/play.def:4:#Description: Play a sound on /dev/audio or /dev/dsp 
./etc/play.def:6:#/dev/dsp for 11.025K wave files 
./etc/play.def:42:#or /dev/dsp #
./etc/play.def:54:*.wav) cat $i > /dev/dsp ;;
./etc/play:4:#Description: Play a sound on /dev/audio or /dev/dsp 
./etc/play:6:#/dev/dsp for 11.025K wave files 
./etc/play:42:#or /dev/dsp #
./etc/play:54:*.wav) cat $i > /dev/dsp ;;

grep finished (matches found) at Sun Oct  8 08:36:19

Selecting any of these lines in the find-grep buffer will take you
to that spot in the particular file in questions.

You could try changing line number 54 in ./etc/play from
"/dev/dsp" to "/dev/dsp1", and then putting that version of "play" in
place of the one that is in the etc directory where you installed
emacspeak (saving the original as "play.before.dsp.modification" or
something like that in the event you need to restore it). 

Make sure that you are not using the midi (toggle if necessary as
Raman suggested in his reply). You *may* have what you want.  

I don't know if this will work, as I haven't tried it.

I don't know if sending diretly to /dev/dsp1 will do what you want,
but this is how I would try it out if I wanted to muck around.

Please let us know if this helps or not.  


 Greg Priest-Dorman

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