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auditory icons: dsp/midi

Greg --
couple of additions to your note --instead of running find
piped to grep in the shell do M-x find-grep-dired --another
useful emacs tools is find-name-dired

Also the play shell script  that comes with emacspeak should
be used as a last resort --
it's a fall back to the time when Linux did not have sound
tools installed by default a few years ago.
the /usr/bin/play that Linux installs by default is based on
sox and is  better because it knows about audio headers --
>>>>> "Greg" == Greg E Priest-Dorman <priestdo@cs.vassar.edu> writes:

>>>>> "Random" == Random Factor <random@unbounded.com> writes:
    Random> I'm still trying to get the auditory icons going
    Random> out onto dsp1, and I have a few questions.

    Random> 1.  If your using the dtk or somthing like that
    Random> as a synthesiser, does emacspeak output auditory
    Random> icons to midi, dsp, or both?

    Greg> (Raman answered this one in his post)

    Random> 2. How did the pre via-voice / stdiosynth versions of emacspeak handle auditory
    Random> Random> icons?

    Greg> It sent them to dsp

    Random> 3.  Am I going to have to learn elisp *sigh* or should I just be able to kludge
    Random> Random> it together by comparing different speech servers/versions of emacspeak?

    Greg> Kludge.  As Raman has said often, have a look at
    Greg> the code.  But where to begin?

    Greg> Use M-x grep and /or M-x find-grep and to make
    Greg> sure you keep track of any changes you make so you
    Greg> can undo them if they don't do what you want...

    Greg> Here is what I did to find where emacspeak decides
    Greg> to send output to /dev/dsp:

    Greg> I went to the directory where I built emacspeak,
    Greg> although you could probably do this where you
    Greg> installed emacspeak as well.

    Greg> Then I dis a little searching for "dsp"

    Greg> I did M-x find-grep and when the command asked me
    Greg> for the search string told it "dsp".  This ment
    Greg> putting "dsp " after the "grep -n" in the offerd
    Greg> find command.

    Greg> Emacs obliged by searcing the emacspeak directory
    Greg> and all subdirectories for any file contianing the
    Greg> string dsp:

    Greg> cd ~/emacs-aux/emacspeak-12.0/ find . -type f
    Greg> -exec grep -n dsp {} /dev/null \;
    Greg> ./etc/play.def:4:#Description: Play a sound on
    Greg> /dev/audio or /dev/dsp ./etc/play.def:6:#/dev/dsp
    Greg> for 11.025K wave files ./etc/play.def:42:#or
    Greg> /dev/dsp # ./etc/play.def:54:*.wav) cat $i >
    Greg> /dev/dsp ;; ./etc/play:4:#Description: Play a
    Greg> sound on /dev/audio or /dev/dsp
    Greg> ./etc/play:6:#/dev/dsp for 11.025K wave files
    Greg> ./etc/play:42:#or /dev/dsp # ./etc/play:54:*.wav)
    Greg> cat $i > /dev/dsp ;;

    Greg> grep finished (matches found) at Sun Oct 8
    Greg> 08:36:19

    Greg> Selecting any of these lines in the find-grep
    Greg> buffer will take you to that spot in the
    Greg> particular file in questions.

    Greg> You could try changing line number 54 in
    Greg> ./etc/play from "/dev/dsp" to "/dev/dsp1", and
    Greg> then putting that version of "play" in place of
    Greg> the one that is in the etc directory where you
    Greg> installed emacspeak (saving the original as
    Greg> "play.before.dsp.modification" or something like
    Greg> that in the event you need to restore it).

    Greg> Make sure that you are not using the midi (toggle
    Greg> if necessary as Raman suggested in his reply). You
    Greg> *may* have what you want.

    Greg> I don't know if this will work, as I haven't tried
    Greg> it.

    Greg> I don't know if sending diretly to /dev/dsp1 will
    Greg> do what you want, but this is how I would try it
    Greg> out if I wanted to muck around.

    Greg> Please let us know if this helps or not.

    Greg> Greg

    Greg> -- Greg Priest-Dorman priestdo@cs.vassar.edu

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Best Regards,

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