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Emacspeak and Handhelds

Funny you should bring this up right now.  I am pleased to say that I
was selected as a finalist in Embeded Linux Journel's MachZ contest.
That means they will be sending me hardware to build my proposed

I have been wearing a linux + emacspeak device since 1994.  What I
proposed was a smaller, lower power emacspeak workstation built around
the MachZ (a 128 MHz 586 equiv processor that draws under a watt of
power) with most of my personel quriky modifications removed.  Being a
586 it would not support viavoice so I am putting a doubletalk chipset
into it.  My proposal also involved using a chording keyboard for one
handed input to the system, although a conventional keyboard could
always be used in its place.  I am also thinking of building a braille
keyboard version if that is of interest to people.  

I would be happy to discuss and get some feedback from emacspeak users
on this project.  Especially in the area of input devices.  However I
feel it inappropreate to use the emacspeak list to discuss my project,
so I am starting a seporate list just for the life of this project.
If you want to hear what I am working on and tell me how to make it
better, please join me by sending an email with a subject of
"subscribe" to:


I hope a few of you join as I am most intersted in your opinions.  
The project is open source and will be under a GPL or GPL like

I will not mention this on the emacspeak list again untill the project
is compleate when I will most likly give it a plug so people can build
their own or have one built for them.



 Greg Priest-Dorman

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