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Re: Emacspeak and Handhelds

>>>>> "WATANABE" == WATANABE Takayuki <takayuki@la.shonan-it.ac.jp> writes:

    WATANABE> Dr. Raman, I would appreciate it much if you could tell
    WATANABE> me how you use IPAQ.

I, too, would be interested in this, since I've been considering a
portable system for some time now. Specific questions of interest are:

1.  What type of keyboard are you using? One of the stowaway serial
    port keyboards?

2.  What type of speech synthesis are you using? Viavoice and the
    Ipaq's internal sound?

3.  I'm assuming you have a CF card for extra storage? How much
    storage do you need for a full emacspeak install, and how much is
    left to you?

4.  Do you need any additional hardware?

Thanks a bunch.

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