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Re: Dependent libraries from IBM Viavoice in Emacspeak's RPM

that's not the problem.
The problem is due to the hokey way rpm/find-requires does
its work --
adding a --clean to the rpm build 
and then doing an uninstall before building
the rpm avoids the mess because it
cleans up directories from the previous build.

Of course there is no guarantee that I'll remember to
uninstall emacspeak from system before building the RPM so
there ...
This is an interesting symptom of yet again at of an attempt
to make something "easy" that actually ends up breaking --
rpm is trying to be cute --where it would be more robust to
check for dependencies listed in the spec file.
But of course, listing dependencies by hand would be painful
also,  so you go round and round in ever decreasing circles.
>>>>> "W" == W L Estes <wlestes@uncg.edu> writes:

    W> Raman, The way to avoid the rpm dependencies is to
    W> make subpackages inside the rpm. isolate the files
    W> that depend on the libs into a subpackage.

    W> If that doesnt make sense or if you're shaky on how
    W> to do that, mail me privately and i'll make sure you
    W> can get through it.

    W> --Will

Best Regards,

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