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punctuation modes

Hi all.
I've seen a couple of messages about this lately, and I've wondered
about it myself, so I thought I'd ask about this.

The behaviour of punctuation modes seems a bit weird to me. Let me
first say that what I'm currently using is emacspeak 13 with Viavoice,
in case this is relevant.

First, I set punctuation mode *globally* to none, which is how I want
my setup most of the time. Go into a dired buffer, where it sets it
*locally* to all. After that, any buffer you switch to from dired no
matter what it was previously set to is set on all. This also applies
to any file you open from dired. This seems to apply any time a
punctuation mode gets changed. I know for certain it includes shell
buffers and buffers in programming modes, e.g. perl-mode where
punctuation gets changed.

Is this the behaviour that's *meant* to be happening? I'm just
curious, since I thought setting punctuation to global would mean that
a new buffer would be set on whatever mode was global unless you
changed it locally. I.e. dired has all set, but when you open a file,
it's none, since that's the global mode. 

Thanks for any answers anyone can give me on this.

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