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punctuation modes

1) emacspeak has settings for various modes that 
automatically sets things like split-caps and punctuations.
if you want to change that behavior you are by definition an
advanced user--
at that point you need to customize the relevant modes
e.g. perl-mode to your taste.
2) punctuation mode etc get set and synched with the TTS
engine when the mode line is spoken.

If when in a dired buffer you open a file and immediately
silence speech it is quite likely that the TTS engine
doesn't get a chance to set up its punctuation mode.

3) In general for (2) just have emacs speak the mode line
with C-e m.

>>>>> "Yvonne" == Yvonne Smith <yvonne@thewatch.net> writes:

    Yvonne> Hi all.  I've seen a couple of messages about
    Yvonne> this lately, and I've wondered about it myself,
    Yvonne> so I thought I'd ask about this.

    Yvonne> The behaviour of punctuation modes seems a bit
    Yvonne> weird to me. Let me first say that what I'm
    Yvonne> currently using is emacspeak 13 with Viavoice,
    Yvonne> in case this is relevant.

    Yvonne> First, I set punctuation mode *globally* to
    Yvonne> none, which is how I want my setup most of the
    Yvonne> time. Go into a dired buffer, where it sets it
    Yvonne> *locally* to all. After that, any buffer you
    Yvonne> switch to from dired no matter what it was
    Yvonne> previously set to is set on all. This also
    Yvonne> applies to any file you open from dired. This
    Yvonne> seems to apply any time a punctuation mode gets
    Yvonne> changed. I know for certain it includes shell
    Yvonne> buffers and buffers in programming modes,
    Yvonne> e.g. perl-mode where punctuation gets changed.

    Yvonne> Is this the behaviour that's *meant* to be
    Yvonne> happening? I'm just curious, since I thought
    Yvonne> setting punctuation to global would mean that a
    Yvonne> new buffer would be set on whatever mode was
    Yvonne> global unless you changed it locally. I.e. dired
    Yvonne> has all set, but when you open a file, it's
    Yvonne> none, since that's the global mode.

    Yvonne> Thanks for any answers anyone can give me on
    Yvonne> this.

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